What Happens When You Don't Have TV

Danny and I don't have television service. We own 2 tv's, but no service. When we moved into our house, we decided to cut out cable in favor of saving money, reading more, and spending more time together. Everything went pretty well. I admit I missed Food Network and watching Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel. And bringing our dining room chairs up to the computer to watch the Office and 30 Rock did get old sometimes. But really- the savings were worth it. And it still is- but strangely now, I think we're watching more tv than ever. Let me explain:

A little over a month ago, a coworker lent us the 1st and 2nd season of Heroes. We were getting kind of tired of our old dvds and needed something new to watch. After the first episode had played, we were instantly hooked. Embarrassing as it is, we watched the entire season in 2 days. We left the house only for food. We stayed in the same clothes. We were a mess... but having so much fun together.

Since season 3 has still yet to come out, we thought we'd give one more show a shot to fill in the downtime. And again- we're addicted, only this time it's Lost. We're taking this one slower- no 2 day marathons here- but we're still enjoying it so much. And the fact that we have many more seasons of this one to catch up on- just makes it even better.

Any other shows we should know about for the future?

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  1. Lost is SO good! My other all time favorite shows:

    Six Feet Under - amazing series! the best last episode of any series I have ever seen.

    Arrested Development - If you like 30 Rock, you will love this show.

  2. This is too funny! my fiance and I watched the first season of Heroes when we were dating and living in the same dorm together. We finished the second season in one trip when I was out visiting him in CA.
    We plan to start Lost as soon as we're married (Eric made me promise to wait until we could watch it together!)
    We also love 30Rock and the HBO show Rome (although it can get raunchy) For a fun and light hearted show, we throw in a Seinfeld episode, because you just can't go wrong with Seinfeld. We love MTV's Rob and Big.
    I second Arrested Development. It's terribly sad that show ended.

    Hope you guys find some more good ones and share them!

  3. Lost is a great one. Another excellent series is 24. There's 6 seasons of that to watch!!! Hubby and I are only on season 4. But beware, it's addictive.

  4. My husband and I do the same thing! You could say that Redbox is our cable service :)

  5. Thanks ladies. When we're done with Lost, we'll definitely start looking at which ones of these we want to start next.
    Kelly- every time I pass by Arrested Development I'm tempted to pick it up!
    Katie that's so funny about not starting Lost until you're married so you can watch it together. Although I'd be careful: Danny watched an entire disc without me the other day! We now have layed out the rules of Lost :) We also bought a season of Seinfield the other week so that's so funny you mentioned that


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