After an already crazy work week, I had a 15 hour day on Friday and 14 hour on Saturday. Then on Sunday- we realized we needed to throw an impromptu birthday party- leaving us with 2 hours to prepare. When we closed the door at the end of the night, the husband and I sank to the floor, literally... and then were awakened off an on as he was called into work, came back, and then was called in again. Hopefully this work week won't be as crazy- but I thought the poster below was perfect for how I was feeling/ still kind of feel :)

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  1. what do you do that is so incredibly time-consuming!

    This makes me happy for my 8-4:30 job that pretty much never varies. :-)

  2. I work in the operations/ event planning department for a corp that puts on very large events with a very minimal staff. My regular hours are 7:30- 5:30 but with events every weekend, I've had to be there. I'm so sleepy :)


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