The Workout Playlist

Music is vital when I workout. It keeps me energetic, focused, and happy. I hate when I forget to bring my ipod to the gym. The background music is quieter. I'm not guaranteed to like it. And the fact that I can hear my dying gasps of breath, (and of the person next to me) doesn't make me feel pumped up either... I feel like I should shut my mouth, save myself and stop whatever the heck I'm doing.

This is why I get totally stoked when people share their playlists with me. I'm really into mine for the time being, but just like doing the same workout repeatedly, I know I'll get bored of it after a while.

My Cardio Playlist:

  1. Hot N Cold- Katy Perry
  2. Never Going Back to OK- The Afters
  3. Tonight- The Afters
  4. Munich- Editors
  5. So Alive- Ryan Adams
  6. Bullets- Editors
  7. Hero/ Heroin- Boys like Girls
  8. Here I Come- Fergie
  9. U + Ur Hand- Pink
  10. Age of Consent- New Order
  11. We Could Run Away- Needtobreathe
  12. Mercy- Duffy
  13. So What- Pink
  14. Breakin' Dishes- Rihanna

Any suggestions? What gets you movin?

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  1. If you're looking for peppy songs, lately I've been enjoying "Hearts on Fire" by Cut Copy and "My Delerium" by Ladyhawke.
    They're both fun songs that'll keep you moving.

  2. I just downloaded My Delerium. That's going to be great for my cardio- thanks for the input!

  3. I like bleed american by jimmy eat world.

    we have a lot of the same music!!

  4. Katie that entire album is awesome. I remember when it came out- I was hooked forever and saw them twice in concert :) Thanks for commenting!


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