The Great Meal DeliveryJourney: Hello Fresh Review & Coupon Code

Our next stop on the Great Meal Delivery Journey is Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh is the company Jamie Oliver has partnered with and I think you can tell. The ingredients are fresh, delicious, and easy to make. Just check out the spread below- yum...

I think we ordered from Hello Fresh about 3-4 times. We obviously liked it lol

You have the option of choosing between a Classic, Veggie, or Family Box. We did Classic each time and there was always plenty of food for the two of us. They also send you an apron with your first box which is pretty cool... I like free stuff :)

It's also really easy to put your subscription on hold if you're going on vacation or cancel it if you're unhappy with it. Everything is done online which I love.

There wasn't really anything that we disliked about Hello Fresh. I think we were missing 1 potato from one of our boxes once but that was it. 

Meals typically range around $70 a week but if you follow this link and enter the coupon code ZXM8K4 at checkout- you can try it for $30 instead with free shipping included. So that will be 3 meals for 2 people for $30 with free shipping- it's a win/ win :)

This review is not in any way associated with or sponsored by Hello Fresh. All of the opinions are my own.


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