To the Weekend!

September may very well be the fastest moving month this year for me! My dad just left and I'll have my stepdad out this coming week. So grateful they both have made the effort to come see us and hang out. I also just started a biblical counseling course which is so interesting! And then between work, daily life, baby showers, bridal showers, church activities, birthday parties, homework, cooking, & cleaning... I'm realizing just how vital it is to be wise with my time management. But even with everything going on, I am so very thankful for all of it- because having the homework and classes means I have the opportunity to grow and gain wisdom. The showers, parties, and church activities point to the wonderful group of friends I have all around me. The launch of SP Kids has created a new energy and excitement with each new day in the office. And the cooking and cleaning means I have someone to cook and clean for, someone to serve out of complete love- who just so happens to be one amazingly awesome guy.

Happy Weekend my friends!

(Image via Ruffled)


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