Enjoying Cabin Life

Cabin life has been everything I hoped for and more. I cannot convey into words how very relaxing and comforting each day is. Even having coffee is more relaxing... I walk down our log stairs in the morning, inhale the strong, brewing coffee, and look out windows framing tall pines, red barns, &  gorgeous wildlife. I don't think I'll ever want to move.

But with the beauty also comes hard work. Since we'll be relying on our wood burning stove as our main source of heat over the winter, my husband spent the better part of each day for almost 2 weeks chopping firewood... which for those of you who are unaware means- sawing down trees, hauling them to the car, unloading them at our house, cutting them into rounds, and then chopping the rounds into firewood.

Even with all that work though, my husband also feels more at home here. I've never known him to be a homebody, but he loves just hanging around the house now- which I love.

Well enough rambling on my part, I have some better photos coming, but here's how life in the cabin has been through the eyes of my camera phone.

Enjoying the sun one day...

And the snow a few days later...

The cabin at night... cozy

My husband the mountain man- choppin' wood to keep us warm

A Great Gray Owl out our bathroom window

Spyin' on my man...

Made Pumpkin Coffee Cake one night

And enjoyed its deliciousness Thanksgiving morning...

And cut down some branches to make a fresh garland for our front door (I'll be posting a tutorial soon)

 I love mountain living.

All photos taken with my camera phone. Follow me on Instagram @silverpencils


  1. Love this post so much. Wonderful pics!

  2. Wow, such a beautiful house.
    The picture of your barn in the snow is so pretty.

  3. Love these pictures! I can't imagine how peaceful it is to live in a cabin in the woods!! Makes me want to get away for vacation! :)

  4. That looks absolutely wonderful! And cozy! And basically like a fairytale! We have 38 degree today here in Melbourne and I am actually longing for snow!! Enjoy!

  5. I love the garland around your door, so sweet and looks just right on your little cabin. Can we get a tour of the cabin too? I know, demanding is the blog world.

  6. Wow, absolutely gorgeous! Looks like something right out of a magazine!

  7. Thanks everyone! It is so amazingly wonderful!

    @Jessica G- Yes definitely! We don't get the greatest amount of light in bc of all the trees, and it's not exactly decorated the way I want it yet- but as soon as I get some extra time on my hands I'll definitely take some pics of the inside... maybe once our tree is up :)

  8. Awesome!! Dude our cabin needs a wood burning stove. Seriously, what cabin doesn't have one?

  9. @Kelly- that's so strange- you'd think it was a staple for all cabins! You can come use ours whenever you'd like :)

  10. This looks like something out of a magazine!! I love everything about your home :)

  11. I love love love this post. So glad you guys are happy, and your home is absolutely gorgeous.

    I think I'm too much of a city girl to ever have a cabin be my main residence, but my dream is to have a tiny cabin in the mountains somewhere, and a pasture and run-in for my horse, and be able to spend the winter off-season getting snowed in and sitting by the fire.


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