Winter Time

I am loving my first winter here in Jackson Hole. I love watching the snow flurry outside, while I enjoy the warmth indoors. I love stomping through fresh snow when I walk Mavi... and seeing his little paw prints as well. And I love running in it at night. Actually the only time I enjoy running is when it's dark- and it's either raining or snowing. I know- my husband thinks I'm strange as well. But running at those times has a meditative quality that both relaxes and energizes me. Sounds are muffled. Precipitation is falling around me- and all I hear are the beat of my shoes hitting the pavement. It's wonderful.

Last night we walked into town to see True Grit and Danny took my picture near the lit up Elk Antler Arch in town. The whole park is lit up and it's absolutely beautiful.And here are a couple pictures I took out our window on Christmas day. We had a freeze frost the night before so everything was a gorgeous, furry white when we woke up.I am loving my Winter Time- and I hope you are enjoying yours as well- whatever the weather is like :)


  1. pretty! my SIL is supposed to start a new job in Jackson Hole in mid January, hopefully the square will still be all lit up when we go visit in Feb. any suggestions on tourist stuff?

  2. How exciting that you're coming out here! Definitely go up to Teton Village by JH Resort to ski, snowboard, or just look around. Snowmobiling would also be fun- they take you out to Yellowstone on them since the roads are closed to there this time of year. There are also tons of great restaurants in the Jackson area- so if you need any recommendations- just let me know. Does your SIL already live out here or are they moving here?

  3. she's working as a wilderness survival guide for crazy people who want to go winter camping. She's got some sort of dorm lodging and is only there through the end of March (which means she'll hopefully be home for passover).

    I wish we could ski while we're there, but it's SO expensive to get away for more than two days AND buy a lift ticket. We live in Colorado, so it's not like we don't ski at home anyway.


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