Gone Camping

Danny and I are taking the next week off to go camping in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains (near and in Yosemite). Depending on how we feel, we may even just keep going and go up into Oregon and Washinton as well. Road trips and camping are high on our "Love To Do" lists. They're fun, adventerous, and budget friendly. Can't wait to tell you stories upon our return. Last time we were in the Sierras we woke up around 3am to a family of bears ripping their claws into our stuff! Ahhhhh! I don't think I've ever felt so small and vulnerable than when I was lying in that nylon tent praying for our safety... let's hope that doesn't happen again ;). But until then, here are some pictures from the last camping trip we took in Big Sur. Much safer... just instead of bears destroying our camping gear it was hippies breaking into our vehicles... oh the adventures of camping. Enjoy!


  1. that sounds wonderful! I'm sure you need a break.
    Yosemite is beautiful.

    Eric and I can't wait for some married camping weekends :-)


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