Bright Happy Kitchens

I love cooking, baking, and everything involved with the kitchen. With just one step into Williams Sonoma and I'm already transformed into a little kid purposely touching everything I can't afford. The Le Creuset pots- all displayed in their assorted and sturdy colors. I eagerly pick up each gadget and think up reasons why I would need items such as a cherry pitter and mango pitter. I end up not finding a need for either and move on. I think you get the point. The kithen is one of my creative sanctuaries. I tie my Anthropologie apron on, double click on my itunes cooking playlist and the sound of French & Portuguese music fills the air. That's why when I saw this kitchen from Country Home's "Kitchens Conquered," I suddenly felt the urge to throw on my apron and get to work! I think it's time for some orange glazed blueberry scones!


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